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A Great Room 

Sudbury, Massachusetts

From the front this Sudbury home was beautiful but, if you ask the homeowners they would tell you, the back of the house left a lot to be desired. The sunken Family Room was dark and had an ugly, outdated stone veneer fireplace flanked by high-set, undersized windows. The three-season Sunroom, which was accessible via sliding doors, was bright enough but with no insulation and inefficient windows, it was always too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter which made it only usable a few months of the year.


When HDC president David J. Howe met with the homeowners, he immediately saw how to make these two separate spaces into one great room that would be great for their family. The key was for David to create a relationship between the Family Room and the Sunporch. By removing the sliders, opening up the wall and raising the Sunporch floor, the formerly three-season Sunporch could be made into an extension of the Family Room. By converting the under-used space from three-season to four-season, David added year-round square footage to the home that will not only dramatically increase the property value, but also increase the homeowners enjoyment of the newly combined spaces for daily dining, lounging and family gatherings. 

Some of the new features include:

  • Cathedral ceiling

  • Hardwood floors

  • Walls of glass

  • Custom Black Walnut exposed beams

The renovations have been completed and the homeowners could not be happier with their beautiful new spaces. Here are just a few of the wonderful things they had to say about David and HDC:


“Dave holds himself to a higher standard that I knew possible.  He creates excellence in a way that the homeowners may never notice, but he will notice every detail and will ensure that every single component of the job is perfect.”


“We feel your skill and amazing work imbued in every detail so we kind of feel like you are with us all the time!”


“I’m so thankful for you!!! I just got home and am so amazed!!! Everything looks so incredible, thank you Dave!!!”


“Thanks for all you’ve done to make our dream come true!!!”


“WE LOVE OUR NEW HOME AND WILL BE FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT!!!! Everything is absolutely amazing and we’re in shock of what you did!!!”


“THANK YOU DAVE!!! You’re truly a miracle worker. I will always have endless admiration for your attention to detail and commitment to making us happy. We’re so grateful that you did this amazing job for us!!!”


“The best contractor in the world”


To schedule a free home consultation and begin building your home renovation dreams, please contact our office at 800.609.8388.

Sunporch Renovation Sudbury Massachusett

Construction Photos

Week One Construction

Week Two Construction

Week Three Construction

Week Four Construction