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No Dream Too Big

The Process

Our design process begins with an initial consultation with our company president and lead designer, David J. Howe. During this meeting, Dave will carefully listen to your goals and desires for your home project while interpreting your words into exceptional design. He will also walk you through the design process while conveying his own ideas on what your project could be. Together, you will define the scope of your project and the parameters of your budget and timeline.

The design process is truly the building of not only a dream, but a relationship. There is typically a minimum of three meetings throughout the design process, during which time each rendition of your design is presented to you along with a budgeting proposal, to give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision on your project. With each meeting, your plans will become more refined to provide you with a realistic budget to go along with your dream design.

In order to provide you with the most realistic design plans possible, HDC employs full-color, 3D renderings along with the ability to provide you with virtual walk-throughs of the interior and exterior of your redesigned home.

Kitchen Island with Wine Fridge

Virtual Walkthroughs

3D & Schematic Elevations

Floor Plans

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