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A Luxury Home Reimagined

Sudbury, Massachusetts

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This home had great "bones", but home needed extensive updating to come up to today's standards of luxury and comfort. 

The project included more than just updating the kitchen and bathrooms. Everything from the hardscaping to fixtures received careful attention. 


While the home was beautifully situated, with mature trees, the plantings had been allowed to take over so that the beautiful setting was obscured, and the interior was darkened. 

View the before and after galleries below to see the extent of the update. 

Do you dread embarking on a large construction project? View the 15-week process, week by week, and see how quickly and efficiency HDC accomplished this transformation.

Check out the entire renovation process, week-by-week. 

Need to reimagine your home? We would love to talk with you, please contact our office at 800.609.8388.


Photos of the project before and after the HDC renovation.






We started off strong this week with tree and shrub removal by Marquis Tree Service. There is already a vast improvement on curb appeal. Interior demolition began to remove superfluous closets which widened up the Hallway, providing a great view from the foyer straight to the back of the house. In the Kitchen, the cabinets, island and flyover were removed. Doorways were widened to improve flows from room to room. The old deck walls were removed allowing more light to stream in from the back deck. Up in the Master Suite, walls are coming down and realigned to open up the awkwardly broken up space. The outdated bathroom was gutted to make way for the new spa inspired floor plan, which will include a luxurious soaking tub as well as a 12' Wetroom along the back wall.